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Yancey Common Times Journal honored as Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the backbone of every community! Small businesses make up 70% of businesses in the US, employs about half of all private sector employees, pays nearly 45% of total US payroll and generated 60 to 80% of new jobs over the last decade. While it is impossible to recognize every business, for the past few years, the Yancey County Economic Development Commission has recognized a few businesses who have contributed to our local economy and been an important asset to Yancey County.  In the past surveys and community analysis process of looking at our community and our strengths and weaknesses, trying to determine what we have and what we need, many of us have taken our local newspaper for granted but it plays a critical role in our County and beyond!  The Yancey Common Times Journal is there for us every day in publishing the weekly newspaper.  Owners, Jody Higgins, Pat Randolph and Anna Webb made an investment of money and took risks in 1990 in establishing this newspaper.  They have been there for all of us, promoting our meetings and functions, telling Yancey County’s story! “Pat, Anna and Jody have been involved in journalism and newspaper operations since the 1970s, working with Ed and Carolyn Yuziuk and others.  Audria Briggs has worked with them for the past 21 years.  This is called Team Work,” EDC Director Wanda Proffitt said at the event. The Yancey County Economic Development Commission recognizes The Yancey Common Times Journal as Yancey County’s 2015 Business Entrepreneur of Year, in recognition of valuable and distinguished service to community in journalism and reporting local news since 1990.  The award was   presented February 22, 2015 by EDC Director Wanda Profitt.
The Times Journal joins other Entrepreneur of the Year winners Mountain Electronics Inc. and Ray Miller, founder of Country Cablevision.


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Yancey Times Journal editor is David Grindstaff. You may contact David via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone at 828-682-2120.



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